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About Us

St. Giles Living Centers, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Jim Hazen and Al Strickland, in order to provide higher quality services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Home and Community Based Services (HCS)

The Home- and Community-Based Services (HCS) program promotes and maintains consumer and family involvement in providing individualized program development and community support services for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. The HCS program is a Medicaid waiver program and provides services and supports to eligible individuals as an alternative to Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/ID) program.

How to obtain this service?


The individual must have a determination of mental retardation or a related condition, Medicaid and SSI eligibility, and their Plan of Care must meet program guidelines. HCS slots are filled from a waiting list by the community Mental Retardation Authority (MRA). Individuals who are currently enrolled in an HCS program can also transfer to another service provider.

Your Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA)  will assist you in determining eligibility and completing the paperwork so that you may receive HCS services.

When there is a wait list for HCS services, stay in touch with LIDDA to be contacted when an opening becomes available.

LIDDA will provide a list of service providers from which you can choose to visit.  If you’d like to visit us, contact us to schedule a tour. 

If you are currently receiving HCS services from any service provider and are unsatisfied with the services, contact your local LIDDA to discuss transfer options.

Individualized Care Plans

Each consumer possesses a unique and individualized Individual Service Plan (ISP) and Individual Plan of Care (IPC) based on the participant’s skills, strengths, needs, and desires. The Individual Service Plan and the Individual Plan of Care are designed to meet and provide for the unique and personal needs of each person enrolled in the HCS program, with an emphasis on outcomes and supports needed to increase overall independent functioning of the individual. The HCS program offers the participant a full array of supportive and therapeutic services. The HCS program also promotes community involvement through the use of community supports and services for medical, social or day program needs, depending on the specific needs or choices of the individual.

Residential Service Option

Host Home/Companion Care

This residential service option, formerly known as “Foster Care” can be an excellent choice for many people in the HCS program.  As the title indicates, the individual lives with the host home provider in his or her home.  The provider assists the individual with daily activities and helps to establish and meet the individual’s personal goals.  Additionally, the provider facilitates transportation to day habilitation or a job in the community as well as inclusion in community activities. 


Biological parents can provide this service to their adult children in the HCS program.  St. Giles can also help individuals find a host home provider that is compatible and has the ability to meet the needs of the individual.  St. Giles provides all necessary training and strives to support the provider with administrative tasks as much as possible to keep the focus on the individual.   


If you would like to learn more about St. Giles host home/companion care services, please call 936-639-1600. 


Click the link below if you would like to complete a host home application and become a part of the Caregiver family.

Group Home Living

This residential option provides services and supports as needed by individuals who choose to or who would benefit from living in a three or four person home. A three person home provides for supervised living where shift staff and/or live-in staff provide assistance with daily living activities to acquire skills necessary for independence. The staff are present in the residence and are able to respond to the needs of individuals on a 24-hour basis. A four person home provides for supervised living where shift staff are present in the residence and awake whenever and individual is present in the home. The staff provides assistance with daily living activities and training in self-help and independent living skills.

Support Service Options

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